Hello to all my name is Edgar, firstly i wana say sorry for my bad english, im from litle contry Moldova and here we speak only Russian and Romanian. Also i know little english like u see) and Armenian. And dont judge me please.
I want offer some profession and explain how they works.

1) I know that there is a profession of woodcutter but i think You can add a few branches of the profession:
You can create an object of type extractor With this device a person can produce rubber (Rubber can be used absolutely everywhere, weapons, construction, mining.)

Imagine that you have a device with which you go after prey rubber. Example: To get 10 drops of liquid rubber is necessary to come to the tree to activate the object, and say to wait 30 minutes. From the object flies pipe that is stuck in a tree, and out of the pipe starts to drip liquid rubber. You can mark 5 trees, "special" rubber trees. And come back after 30 minutes for prey if someone else does not steal your rubber.To make a liquid rubber in the usual need extractor. You buy an extractor boil rubber and then to sell it. (The best thing the faster flowing liquid rubber)

2) Herbalism- Very interesting profession,This profession is that man was producing medicinal herbs and other herbs that give a plus to buffs or other things, such as the chance to find a piece of fruit, a chance to get more Svea etc.Also in this profession need tools such as scythes, go mow the grass in the hope that you get a plant.

3) Skinning- You can rip the skins of animals. And sell them to people. The skins are needed everywhere, from the clothes to make a beautiful lining of furniture in the house.
But this profession is not for the poor. To use it you need special skills skinning that open from the "N" number of skills. Let's say you need to have the superiority in skills animal killers. NOT humanoids. And only after that you can buy a special knife for skinning. (When you're skinning the animal to have to wait 30 seconds, if at that time you strike interrupted the process)