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    Jan 04 2011

    Item Info Images are no longer showing.

    I am a long time player who has taken time off (almost a year or so). I was excited to come back only to find that when I clicked an item's info, the picture of the item no longer is on the description / ped value page. I asked in rookie chat to see if it was just me and apparently it was. I tried changing my graphics settings from low then back to high. I tried switching to a full window and back to window. I also tried a complete reinstall, and it did not resolve this issue. Can anyone help? Thank you!

    - Lek

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    May 13 2011
    It's not your graphics, or installation.
    It's just a toggle that I guess you've pressed inadvertently at some point.

    This is how to get the picture back:

    Beside the group of 3 icons at the bottom left of the Item Info page is a little down-arrow button.

    Click on that twice, and you'll see a different group of 3 icons.

    The leftmost one is 'Show Item'.

    Click on that one, and you'll be able to see the picture of the item in the window again.
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