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    Feb 08 2011

    Arrow I there a soc out there that fits me like a sock?

    I'm thinking about joining a soc again, after my previous soc fell apart due to players leaving after "-engine"

    I'm looking for interesting chat text/conversations to break the monotony of mining.
    I don't hunt, so no soc hunting for me. I prolly know everything there is to know about this game; or at least all I care to know about the game.
    My skills are low due to chipping out a couple of times; but I don't aspire to be in a top-soc.

    Actually, I'm most interesting in reading chat a bit. Drop in some comments and mine my own business (pun intended).

    I'm mostly on-line when loot is good. I live in Europe And since a couple years my age starts with a 3 (I'm getting to old for games, luckily I'm still young to entropia standards )

    I'm searching for a soc with long time players. If possible with smart people (Renaissance man kinda smart; not nerd smart). But if your soc fails this; I'll gladly settle for funny; or cynical.
    Just don't whine about loot plz; that why you have the forum for (Just kidding)
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    Dec 17 2015
    Hi, Not sure if you found a Society yet but you might try Apocalyptic Uprising. Its a Off-shoot Society of Apocalyptic which requires 200k skill points to join as opposed to Apocalyptic Uprising that has a requirement of 100k ( with exceptions at times).

    Both Societies share the same chat so you are exposed to all of us. We are low key, no drama, and everyone does their own thing. We are currently # 5 hunting, #2 Crafting, and # 3 Mining. Apply and I will personally see you thru to join..
    We are serious about the "no drama" policy, but we are having fun, joking in chat, with members from all around the world. Almost always someone on.

    So, depending on your skills, drop an application to either Apocalyptic Uprising or Apocalyptic ( of which I am the leader) and come have some fun with us.


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