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    Aug 17 2015

    Hunting for noob-level laser sniper


    I'm currently at lv 9 laser sniper (hit) and lv 7 dmg at Arkadia. So far, I've been hunting:
    • Halix
    • Oro
    • Jori
    • Caraboks swunting just for lvling up my MF skill

    with maturities of HP between 40 and 90.

    My setup is the Ozpyn LRS1X1 with ZX Sinkadus and Sollomate Azuro for finisher. No armor. Vivo s10 is used only when my HP is critical. I want to know if there's any mob other than those above, that I can hunt using my setup. So far, returns are good with 20 PED-ish short runs (around 93%), but it's getting harder to sell loots to other players, even with good stacks (good for trading, but not good enough for AH).

    Any advice is greatly appreciated... THX

    Other mobs that I have hunted in Caly:
    • Prototype Drone Gen. 01-03
    • Exarosaur Young-Old
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