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Thread: Hunter Build

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    Sep 23 2014

    Hunter Build

    I have some questions about how your choices of skilling in this game affects how efficient you are. I've been around since 2009 and have come an gone over the years. I am only a level 3 sniper profession wise between all weapon types however I stick with laser weaponry and invested into buying a rifle skill implant many years ago. I bought the gold starter pack when it was released and have deposited before.. I'm not an entire noob but I am out of the loop here an have not quite dived into the stats of this game. Where pricing questions are ask below, I'm inquiring about for price checks from the Calypso Economy/AH.

    So, if I would like to primarily focus on hunting using laser rifles (I am 40/44 APM on the Opalo right now), what is the next rifle that I should invest in if I do not invest further into my rifle/laser weaponry/weapon handling skills? On that note, are mission rewards alone sufficiently economical for newbie-lowbie level tier rewards? Which of the plethora of skills in EU should I slowly feed funds into boosting? However, please note that I am really only looking for objectivity replies here instead of players' opinions (maths with your explanation would be appreciated!).

    Last, I have read that Paramedic is slow to level. Should one of my priorities be to get paramedic to level 5 so that I can upgrade FAP from the starter pack one to something better (suggestions appreciated). I'd also like to get access to the auto loot pills for the sake of efficiency but the description from the TT is somewhat implying that I don't know how to swallow a pill yet? Somewhat weird but I would like the convenience of this and to be able to take on some tougher mobs; what is the best estimate to reach level 5 paramedic and the cost on Calypso?

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