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    Jul 30 2011
    Boston, MA
    Recent message on PCF..
    Quote Originally Posted by Ludvig|Mindark
    Clarification regarding Teleporter fee

    The MindArk management team has reviewed the proposal made by the President of Virtual Reality concerning teleporter fees, and has determined that such a system does not complement the current development plans for Entropia Universe and therefore will not be implemented.

    However, the proposal was very interesting, and aspects of it may find their way into future planned systems and features where participants would be more receptive to optional fees that provide enhanced convenience and utility.

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    Jan 05 2012
    Neverdie I ask of you to please take down

    And maybe you will become President in 4 years GL.

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    Jul 11 2016

    Planetary Teleportation IOP Universal Stimulation

    Quote Originally Posted by Sionkiewicz View Post
    Recent message on PCF..
    I find it Odd that people are not offered greater opportunities to explore all the portions of Entropia Universe. I believe if you introduced Planetary Teleportation systems that were only opened at certains perhpas only a couple times a week for a small set fee you would stimulate the over all economy and grow new econimes on other worlds. You would also be able to collect the fees from using these planetary teleportaion terminals.
    Those who own Motherships and Privateers do not, or more so can not, provide adequate transportation to other planetary systems. I feel there may be a fair oppurtunity to also introduce a new class of ship that are affordable to mid ranged player that are capable of warp to stimulate travel and to draw an icome for MindArk as well.
    However you so choose to stimulate grow, and I do hope you do this rather soon and with great vigor, it should be to grow the existing universe you already have in place. It is under utilized and teaming with endless oppurtunity. The player base is not going to take advatage of the oppurtunies present to make anything more happen.
    I am only desperately asking that you devise some means of stimulating player base and growth of this amazing world you have created. You have the market on a real cash economy MMO. Do something with it. Nothing else exists like this. At all!!!! The existing community in game is not going to do it unless you devise some incentives to drive them into doing so.
    Good luck and I hope something fantastic comes about soon. If in some way I may be able to help I most certainly will.

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    Sep 14 2016
    I am surprised you haven't discussed adding a pvp system. It might even be taxable but it would allow players and teams to fight each other for prizes/ped. I envision this as a winner takes all with a little shaved off the top system. It would pay out to the land deed/planet in which the even is taking place but the allure of winning would drive people willingly to lose. Kind of like hunting mobs...


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