Definitely should use a direct democracy approach. You could easily incorporate a quick vote on what ideas people would like realised by asking before a log in. I don't think people would mind and it would show that you are considering our ideas as a community and helping to implent content that is desired by the whole player base. The community wants to be active and we want Entropia to stay around forever and become much much more than what it already has become. We can't do it on our own and not many of us have the time to invest to grow businesses and jobs with EU. If we work closley together and communcate through threads such as this I beleive we can create some real jobs for supplmentary income. Perhaps even jobs that equate to minimume wage. I want to see it happen and I know everyone else does too. Introduce a politicle system and fame some of the well know vetrain players. Shine the lime light down on the folks that have been here forever and give em' some power. Make something happen.