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    May 28 2016

    Pretty new, some questions...

    I'm pretty new here still, but I took the time and learned about sweating and hunting and what all goes into maintaining armor and weapons but...

    I wanted to grab one of the starter packs from the store but you can't use that outside of the starter ship area? Why is that? To me it looks like the only good way to get a guaranteed decent set of armor and weapon for a noob. Also, I started on Planet Arkadia but I'm noticing a lot of the good stuff happens on Calypso and I don't know how to get over there aside from paying other players (which I can't do, I haven't really made an PED yet).

    Should I just tough it out and stay on Arkadia? Or should I petition to have my character reset?

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    Jul 30 2011
    Boston, MA
    I doubt MA is going to reset your avatar for you.

    You should be able to use a starter pack anywhere.. not just on the Starter Ship.

    My suggestion would be to go sweating at Celeste Outpost and do some fruit walking to make some ped. Going to Caly won't some the no ped problem till you learn to make some. Also, get a good mentor to guide you thru the game and finish the disciple training to get a good set of armor.

    Hope this helps,



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