I have played PE/EU few years ago, where there were no spaceships, there was only calypso and one space station, when in Twin Peaks there was hell a lot of traders, when Hall Of Fame had 25 places (I left when it had 100) and basically there was a possibility to play for fun, without depositing 1k peds every month (of course progress was tiny, but satifying enough for me). Later it has started, Neverdie has bought a station, there was this other continet where you could buy a piece of land, shops, amps, and much much more. I came back, when new planets were already there, people were offering rides, and I think that vehicles were just introduced (or MA wanted to introduces them soon). I deposited 100 bucks, and tried to play for a while but I have lost that very quickly. (I could play having 1000 peds for 2 weeks, maybe a month). When I started for the first time I was able to play for 2 or 3 years without depositing even a dollar.

And here are my questions.
1. Is this game still pay to play ? Is depositing required to have fun in this game currently?
2. How many active players this game still have? And how many of them have a lot of money so they deposit every month 'something'
3. Are hunting / mining / crafting usually returning 50% of what you gave for ammo / bombs / materials?
4. Is crafting still very expensive? (when I played for the first time, there were only few items which were worth crafting, later on when limited items started to show up there was much much more items to craft, but still it was freaking expesive).
5. When i played for the first time, prices of mining minerals were very different, I mean range of prices started fro 105% for oil or melchi, up to 3k% for rugaritz. And there was a lot of minerals between, lyst for 110%, narc for 120-140%, blau for 120% and you know, you always could get more thanks to those %. When I came back last time, everything had shitty prices.
6. Monsters! This is the first thing which made that I left PE/EU for the first time and second time. At the begining ammount of monsters was small, I mean it was possible to go for mining without gun, or go to hunting and hunting monsters one by one. When I left, and later on, none of those things were possible. Monsters were everywhere, so mining always required taking a gun and ammos (and of course loosing hell a lot of peds on the hunt). When I was going to hunt, then whenever I hit one monster, then 3 others came with my target because they were quite close to him. THAT WAS SICK.

Sorry for the long post, I hope that somebody will read it and answer my question, thanks.