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    Nov 16 2016

    Hi guys,pls help with some advices...

    Hi guys...i have an argue with a player(scammer) ingame.After i buy an armor from him,he say that he report me if i don`t give armor back without paying me...ofcourse i didn`t give armor back and he reported me after MA banned him for scam.Then MA banned my acoount and says that i have been reported for the first the say that,after several discussion they say that i have multiple account(when i decide to play this game,i was having a charr,some 'good friends' want to help me with some items worth around 100 peds,items that has been stolen,and MA banned me.They was right,i did no comment)after that i make this account and reach lvl 60 with big deposits in 1 year.i was playing veri fair and maybe i trade with a lot of u guys if u remember.i mentioned that i loot in 2 weeks over 30k peds and never withdraw 1 ped from game,because i wanted to go higher and higher.MA didn`t bother to verify this and just banned account.Can u helping me with some advice,or with a valid adress?Because my lawyer send them a letter in order to reach an agreement or i go to court,and the letter came back from they adress.i have over 20k peds in storage + lvl 60 my opinion this is an abuse.if anyoane can help me with some advices or if there is a lawyer here that can help me,i pay,now worries.i have nothing to hide,i provide everything that needed.Thanks for your time guys and pls some help.

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