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    Nov 13 2014

    Angry Do you ACTUALLY check on abuse reports?

    One of my members was recently accused of botting unjustly. Apparently, you didn't even bother to check to see if this was true, but, banned im for a week. Is there ANY mechanism for punishing unjust accusations, or do you just go ahead and ban?

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    Dec 31 2016
    if any help you get from this is usefull, feel free to thank me! I submit a report and i wonder when i will go through. it does though because i dont see anyone badmouthing me after a while and its good. I think they take measure before asking into it. they look through logs and decide for themself most likely. accounts have options as support allows you to rebuttal a ban or exclusion decision from within your account support section. its not unheard of to act before the party in question is allowed to cause more havoc. Its what all cops in america do, its just something useful in terms of keeping the public safe.




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