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    Dec 16 2014

    Can we see ESI on TT soon

    its so hard to chip out skills becouse of ESI hard to get, but whit ESI available via TT would be alot easier and help economy in many ways. more skilled players spending more money on ammo armour and ofc decays. so i think this would help crafters would help people that whont or cant deposit new way of earnings. Impatient people could buy skills more easy and eventually spend more money in game. I saw lots of average skilled ppl that just quit the game becouse it was not worth to buy overpriced esi to chip out skills. so thats one player less but what if he could chip out this skills he would earn some money (fee to MA like for everything deposit whitdraw etc..) somone else would buy his skills and continue playing. maybe some ppl wont agree with me and saying that we will have alot more ubers in game, thats true but if he/she can afford to spend 3 ped per shoot so be it.

    sorry for my english

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    Jul 30 2011
    Boston, MA
    Though I like the suggestion and it would be nice to just walk up to a TT terminal and buy ESI chips, I don't think it would be a wise move for MA to make it extremely easy for Characters to chip out skills.

    Just my ,

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    Nov 20 2012
    I am replying to this post as per matter of interest to others who come across this question.

    Unfortunately this won't help the economy.

    Suggestion: you could always just advertise to sell your skills without having to buy/loot an Empty Skill Implant, majority of the time a player will ask for some sort of collateral to the value of the provided ESI from the player buying your skills.

    I would prefer NOT to see the ESI's on the trade terminal as this would mean the skills would then be worthless to sell. If ESI markup drops, so does everything else.

    Just ask yourself this... Who's going to want to hunt, mine, or craft when the skills would be more cheaper to buy?

    hope the suggestion helps those who come across this

    Just my thoughts

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    Dec 31 2016
    you might end up with a lower standard esi if you keep asking for someone to do something with esi. Would be a waste to put in the game however if one simply gets little to no skills on the chip as compared to a regular esi.

    perhaps an entry esi that players can add skills on for only what would be a player with skills under a certain level.
    There could be items such as
    max skill to withdraw,
    minimum skill level to input
    players that can use it, maybe a quest is needed before youre able to acquire or access the functions of the esi, in that case i think a trade vendor would be more progressive.
    a max on how much can be stored at once.
    other items like
    the maximum level before chipping in isnt possible,
    skill required to use
    availablility, could be like nano cubes or synthetic mind essence




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