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    Post Arkadian Adviser Program

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    Arkadia Adviser Program
    Date for all applications to be in : 7/10/2017

    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this message. We are opening the doors to members of the public to take part in the Arkadia Adviser program.

    As many might not know, but Arkadian Advisers are the stepping stone to new players who are born on Arkadia. They assist in helping them down the road to becoming a good player, help them understand the game controls and what possibilities are available in the Entropia Universe.

    Arkadian Advisers also play a key role in future events and planning on the planet when it comes to community functions. You will be introduced to the way we (Arkadia Studios) think in the areas of game play and keeping the players happy with what they participate in.

    Arkadian Advisers do the following:

    Help new players understand the game better.
    Participate in official events.
    Help answer questions of playing in the #Arkadia in game chat.
    Help Officials with organizing events and future collaborations.
    Become a mouth piece for Planet Arkadia.
    Help steer future planet development via brain storming.
    Assist in Forum duties.

    Now even though the registration is open to everyone, I ask that you do not apply to this program just so that you can have a status. You will be booted from the program just as quickly. This is not for those who want free items, power, authority or some form of title - this program is open to those who truly have a love for Arkadia and a passion for Entropia Universe.

    You will be able to apply at the following link.

    Online Arkadian Adviser Program Application

    Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed by our staff and will have a look at your track record on all of our platforms - (Arkadia Forum, Planet Arkadia)

    Please have honest answers and fill in all the fields.

    I also ask that if you are an Arkadian Adviser, please fill in the document as well as your application will be reviewed for the senior team of advisers.

    Looking forward to all new applications.

    Arkadian Adviser Program

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