I'm an old Project Entropia player, who play up until some time after the first missions were introduced to the game. I've been wanting to get back into the game and looking for some help on where to start, since from what I can tell, there's some rather big changes since the last time I played the game.

I'm mainly going for the hunting "profession" and I've been looking into what weapons to get. I'm open for anything ranged with both rifle and pistol, blp and laser around lvl 55 atm, but I'm going to chip back in some points to raise it up a bit.

When I quit, I was mostly using limited guns, due to all unlimited weapons without SIB wasn't maxed out until lvl 100 (which was unobtainable at that time, haha (I just saw someone hit lvl 200)).

So my questions are this:
1. I'm looking to hunt anything in between small Atrox's up to small Araneatrox's. What kind of gear am I looking for? I used to start off with Ghost + 5B back in the time (later upgraded to Jag and Angel armour), but there might be better options out there now? I'm also interested if there are some good tips on healing equipment

2. I saw the DOA weapons having a reachable level requirement now, does these weapons have a sensible price now or are they still crazy expensive?

3. Any reccomendations for weapons + amplifiers + attachments?

4. I saw something called personal effects (like rings). Is this something I should be buying?

5. Any other things that might be new, that I haven't thought about?

Oh, and hi to any former or current Ex Cons members out there, I miss the time I spent in this great society

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.