Merry Mayhem 2018 Preview

Event Dates

  • Dec. 13, 14:00:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2018 begins.!
  • Jan. 14, 14:00:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2018 ends.
  • Jan. 22, 14:00:00 UTC - Cutoff for submission of FFA Mayhem Stars for the Free-for-All Mayhem category.
  • Feb. 5 - Event results announced. Prizes awarded in the following days.


Mayhem Assault Gameplay

Performance in Merry Mayhem Assault is time-based. The objective is to kill a special immobile Merry Hogglo boss creature as quickly as possible. The Merry Hogglo boss is immune to damage unless a special buff is active. This buff is received after killing an elite Merry Hispidus, and allows the Merry Hogglo to be damaged for 60 seconds, or up to 20% of its maximum health. A Merry Hispidus is spawned after killing 20 Merry Daikiba creatures, with a limit of 3 Merry Hispidus active at any one time. Also, the Merry Hispidus has a Dodge Chance buff that makes melee and MindForce weapons relatively more effective at dealing damage to it than traditional ranged weapons.
Upon killing the Merry Hogglo boss, the instance stops spawning new creatures and the participant’s time is recorded for the current category, if that time is shorter than any previous runs in that category.!
You can only have a recorded time in a single Assault category at a time. Recording a new score with a higher leaderboard rank (regardless of category) will replace any previously-recorded time.

Mayhem Annihilation Gameplay

  • Interact with the Julklapp inside the Annihilation event instance to begin spawning creatures and start the mission timer; the timer pauses automatically when leaving the instance.
  • Eliminate Merry Mayhem Creatures to accumulate as many points as possible in 15 hours.
  • A random number of points (0, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 5000) is automatically awarded after defeating one of the event instance creatures.
  • Once your 15-hour run is complete, your score is finalized and recorded on the event leaderboard. You can then start a new run to try to improve upon your previously-recorded rank. The score from a subsequent run is only recorded if it would result in a higher leaderboard rank.
  • You can only have a recorded score in a single category at a time. Recording a new score with a higher leaderboard rank (regardless of category) will replace any previously-recorded score.
  • The top ten highest scorers (most accumulated points) in each category win prizes.


FFA Mayhem Gameplay

The Free-for-All category allows hunters (either solo or in teams) to compete for prizes in an unrestricted, no-holds-barred single-category format. FFA Mayhem Stars are tradable, allowing participants to either sell their tokens to the highest bidder, or turn them in to increase their own event scores.
There are no time requirements or skill/item restrictions in the FFA Mayhem division.
FFA Mayhem Scoring
Event points are scored by turning in FFA Mayhem Star tokens to one of the Santa’s Little Helper NPCs located in Nymphtown, Fort Zeus and Fort Ithaca on Planet Calypso. Acquire FFA Mayhem tokens by defeating creatures in one of the FFA Mayhem instances, or by acquiring tokens from other participants.

Rules & Notes

Full rules and notes will be published on the event page at start of the event.

Special Mission: Jul Snarg Hunt

Merry Snargs are on the rampage, and it’s up to you to keep them under control!
The Jul Snarg Hunt takes place alongside Merry Mayhem, starting Dec. 13, 14:00:00 UTC and ending Jan. 14, 14:00:00 UTC.
Activate the “Jul Snarg Hunt” mission by talking to the NPC “Santa’s Little Helper” by the Port Atlantis teleporter or the East Gate.

  • Merry Snargs can be found at these approximate locations:
  • Cape Corinth: [62243, 88026]
  • Chug's Hideout: [68483, 75102]
  • Fort Zeus: [87016, 94588]
  • Port Atlantis: [60657, 75774], [60525, 75267] and [60969, 75441]

Completing the mission will award an Isis LLC 2 Merry Edition (L) Laser Rifle with Increased Laser Skill Gain.
***NOTE*** Activity in the “Jul Snarg Hunt” does not count towards the Snarg Iron Mission chain.

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