New Features

  • Summer Mayhem now has the Assault game mode.
  • Created repeatable mining mission on Monria.


  • Slightly moved Hiryuu spawn south of Odysseus Landing.
  • Storm Coats have been designated as "Rare Item".
  • Updated some vegetation graphics.

Fixed Issues

  • Grounded 3 NPCs in Monria Hub that were floating above the floor.
  • You can now buy HyperStim FEN Edition with Platinum tokens as well.
  • Added weight to certain Angel Foot Guard variants that were missing it.
  • Corrected and polished several name and description strings.
  • Captain and Gunner professions no longer apply to Mayhem instances.
  • Covered up a hole in a wall at Chug's Hideout arena.
  • Corrected a texture clipping issue in an East Scylla Mountains outpost.
  • Corrected position of the East Scylla Mountains teleporter model.
  • Fixed an issue where Trade Terminals had inconsistent inventory.
  • Removed some items from Auction that shouldn’t be visible there, such as the Colonist Jumpsuit.
  • Corrected the boss HP objective string for the Medusa and Lahar defense Dynamic Events.
  • Reorganized Terminals in outpost South of Odysseus Landing.


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