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    Miner for Hire for decay

    Miner for hire for decay Tips Welcome

    Rules :
    You provide probes / amps
    I show you my tools before run and after in trade windows so you know the price you have to paid if tools is limited you will have to paid TT decay + weekly % of the tools
    If i have to go to another planet you will paid a 6 ped more except for asteroid but if i need to take tp back you will have to paid for the tp fee (Im mostly based on calypso)
    You can paid the decay with PED or with mineral for 2% lower then weekly TT value except oil and list will be count as TT Value (since i need to stack and put into auction its basically dead money for a while)
    I can stream the run so you will see everything i do
    If you want me to use other tools you have to provide it and i will do it for free (ask before to be sure if i can use it)
    I prefere place with less mobs but its ok if its have mobs too

    Place i accept to go :
    Calypso (Including LA)
    Arkadia underground
    Next island

    Current Gear :
    Terramaster 4 (L) (maxed)
    Finder F-105 (maxed)

    Excavator :
    Basic old TT excavator (cant remember the name i will update it later) (maxed of course)

    If you have any question and/or want to hire me message me in game Dragon DSR Sador
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