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    Jan 04 2011

    Entropia worked out, Fasle or true? (draft)

    well since my good luck streak ran out 3/4 weeks ago iv decided to give my info that helped me profit in hunting for months! To everyone on here.

    I added true? false? parts because it stopped working lol but hope some of u have better returns with this info. gl hoffing

    Entropia is made like this

    Entropia is about Skills no matter what way u spend your ped Or so it seems.

    etc: player goes out and buys a karma killer worth 5kpeds and has say 200ped ammo. He goes hunting with his new gun and hits big! 8kpeds (mate done this)

    etc2: I buy stuff to resell when the MU goes up, I buy 1kpeds MU of armor and chips then go hunting and hit just over 1kped hof but not with the stuff I just got from auction, with my own setup.

    Seems the bigger you spend on MU the more you will get returned when out hunting.
    MA think your down due to there system but infact your down because u got something big, but they dont know it till system check. at 7am?/8am?

    Hunting = more skill u get the less loot u will get

    passtime skilling for better loot:
    Healing for decay*

    Always loot/click when the %'s are going up. up = better loot, down = bad loot. (true? false? other way around?)
    Total value today: 360,000ped+ = good loot?

    true? / false?
    think EU As below..

    Each thing done in EU is done in time shifts, 8 hours will be hunting, 8 hours mining and 8 crafting...
    (Not All The Time!)
    also works per day frame.

    hunting days -- Friday 10am-3pm?, wednesday 3am-8pm?, monday am?-am?

    Hunting Tips
    No Matter what keep moving!

    etc: Hunt one place till u get a good looter (if u have your hunting time right) then move to A new place.
    When Hunting in a new place if alot of no looters are bad looters or even alot of misses then move to a new place,
    keep doing this every time you get a good loot/bad looters and u should have more luck. (hope)

    Never longer than 30secs per mob while hunting
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    Aug 09 2011
    To me all that just sounds like a gambler who kisses the dice before rolling.... I just have a hard time believing that any of those things would be related to loot. I'm in favor of an erratic random algorithm theory. Damage dealt = loot return. I don't think skills, peds, MU, time of day has anything to do with it. As you said, your methods didn't really continue to work over time....

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    Jan 04 2011
    well I did stop buying stuff off auction was abit over stucked lol could be why my profit stopped.

    went out today not even 30mins ago after buying --deleted-- and other things and broke even for the first time in weeks

    The cash economy, upon which Entropia Universe is based, is dynamic and this also affects the in-world systems such as the loot system.
    wouldn't this mean my info is right? this just a part from what MA replayed to lossing alot of ped.
    think of it anyways u want just wanted to put it out there for others.

    I came across a topic on another forum about someone and there mate that worked out how to profit everyrun and got banned for it.. lol fun fun
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    Old Stagger's Avatar
    Apr 13 2011
    Space, FOMA, Beta West 13C
    okay that theory literally made me laugh.
    i must say i have my own weird superstition sometimes in loot theories.
    but this one just ...

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    Jan 25 2012
    The cash economy, upon which Entropia Universe is based, is dynamic and this also affects the in-world systems such as the loot system.
    It only says: "Money doesn't grow on trees, you know." In other words, they confirm there is a lootpool and it's made up of real cash. Probably a slight hint to the deposit/withdrawal balance. That's it, that's all they are allowed to disclose anyway - company policy.
    If you read anything more than that into this statement your only fooling yourself.

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    Nov 02 2010
    Well from my personal experience returns don't change in any way for me when i buy stuff in auc or sell.

    However my personal belief is that items in circulation regulate the droprate of those items ( i have no proof, so it could also be wrong ).

    My personal theories about loot are mostly explained here:

    However you should not jump on conclusions because of coincidences. If you theories were true it would mean my returns must be crap as hell and i can assure you they aren't ( Haven't spend a single PEC in MU for almost a year now, almost never buy stuff in auc... ), which already contradicts your assessment. It stopped working for you - another contradiction.

    Have you ever considered to track your returns to back up your claims by data ? And just a small hint - when you find one exception of what you thing is a general rule - it is not a general rule anymore, because the single exception disproves your rule.

    might be an interesting read in that context:

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    Nov 01 2010
    hahahahahaha & ppl say I have funny loottheories

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    Nov 04 2011


    The way I see it, there is more likelihood to be a bigger loot from a harder animal that you hunt. A massive scary atrox with massive life bar will be more likely to give you plenty of loot than a snablesnot puny at port Atlantis any day of the week.

    You have to factor into the whole thing how much you lose on gun repairs, how much you have spent on ammo and armour damage.

    Sometimes you can profit from hunting if you have max skill on the gun, you are using a gun that is of the right level for the mob, namely not too over powered nor under powered, you are (ideally) not wearing armour for the kills in question or you take few or no armour hits and you heal up in the cheapest way possible.

    Either way, you have to think carefully about which mobs you can successfully kill by yourself or what mobs you need a team to be able to hunt with.

    As I am returning to EU after a long time away, and these days they have vehicles (awesome! makes life as a hunter much easier!!!), I have sometimes taken to flying over the land and identifying the species, the level and the type of mob prior to attempting a solo hunt.

    If I have a large area to survey I may fly in my sleipnir, or alternatively for smaller areas, drive in my little red truck.

    If its likely to be a big scary kill you the moment they look at you mob territory, i would rather fly.......

    Bottom line is..... its fun.... you pays your money and takes your chances. Either way the cash value of the avatar goes up with tiny incremental skill increases.

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    Mar 13 2013
    That theory does sound like a lot of voodoo.

    However, I will submit my own theory that Mindark dials down the !!!! knob for about 30 minutes after you deposit.

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