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Thread: Any Advise?

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    Oct 23 2012

    Any Advise?

    So ive just started playing EU again. And when i played before i didnt really follow the ethical rules of the game and just did whatever. Now that i am interested in depositing once or twice a month i would like some advise on hunting.

    I am a level 13 Able Laser Sniper (hit) with a Riker UL1. I also have Shogun armor as well. I have been doing 100 PED hunts alone on Argonauts.

    I was just wondering if myabe there was some better armor to use or better mobs to kill. Any advice would be helpful. (:

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    Dominant Roni's Avatar
    Jan 02 2012
    Welcome back to Entropia!

    I only have some noob advise,

    *use maxed Limited weapons. unL are uneco untill you reach level 100
    *use pistols like the Pa series...they are good eco and have decent MU. personaly I prefer the CAP series from Arkadia but they have higher MU most of the time (there must be a list on the net which pistol suits your skills)
    * me as a hunter prefer pistols...I only use rifles to tag (pull nearby) mobs...pistols have a faster firing rate...the (usually) lower dps is outweighed by its speed
    * Limited armor like the L Rascal is pretty good, but I also love the Shogun. Top in unL armor and favorite by many hunters is Gremlin (in this armor range..not talking about angel or shadow). But comes with a price
    * you already hunt Argo..thats good ...iron had some decent MU in the past so that will recoup your hunting losses for a bit
    * try to avoid TT (I know its hard) and sell streetwise when small amounts (save up to stack)
    * stick with small mobs for a might sound dull...but your wallet will love you for it...if you can hunt without armor even better

    Alice in Wonderland wrote an extensive guide on eco:

    good luck and may Lootius be with you

    Regards, Roni




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