On ISO:2015-January-03, Wolf Jig Drakar stepped down as society leader of the Lethal Brotherhood and resigned from the society on ISO:2015-January-04. As a consequence, the Lethal Brotherhood has undergone a change of leadership.

With the change in leadership comes a subtle change of policy (Section 1) which was published on the Society Terminal as of ISO:2015-January-08. To allow notice ab arte Section 2 (requiring monthly update of profiles), sanctions for violations of changed policy will require one prior warning (including demotion) per offender during the interim period of one calendar month. After ISO:2015-February-07, such warnings will no longer be issued as it is expected that, by this time, society members will be aware of the rule changes and, consequently, piracy and scalping will both become subject to the same mandatory and permanent expulsion which applies to fraud and mendicancy.

To further clarify the terms of these rule changes:
“Piracy” refers exclusively to the killing and looting of non-PvP'rs in space. The shooting and looting of aggressors is not considered piracy. However, aiding an abetting pirates by setting targets up for them (in any way possible and verifiable) is considered piracy under this definition.
Rules of engagement, as they apply at the present time for decisions concerning piracy, define the aggressor as the pilot and crew which enters within 150% of Kismet range of any vessel while overtaking (i.e. in pursuit) or fires the first shot when passing (i.e. in ambush). It should be noted that “aggression” as defined here, which does not lead to the looting of any other player is not considered an act of piracy for the purpose of Section 1 arbitration.
“Scalping” comprises any economic activity which removes significant numbers of items from play – whether to manipulate prices or “dumb-down” the game mechanics. Also included under this definition of scalping is any economic activity by which sabotage of the economy is attempted by systematic or organized interference with the direct commercial relationship between producers and end-users.

As with all administrative matters, Lethal Brotherhood policy will not be executed retrospectively nor will Lethal Brotherhood policy be executed without due process. Moreover, all decisions made, in this regard, are to be based on evidence not calumny.

These rule changes are intended to increase the liberties available to Lethal Brotherhood members and are, in no way, a judgement or condemnation of any of the activities prohibited therein – however much those activities may vex us at times. Members wishing to express such sentiments as condemnation or encouragement are free and at liberty to do so in their own name.