FEN Event Update #1

A short update on the FEN event to address several issues that have been raised in support cases and on community forums.
FEN Token Gold
Some participants have expressed concern about the 1 PED value of the Gold tokens, and that perhaps this was an error. We can confirm that the 1 PED value per token is intended. It is important to remember that all of the FEN Edition items are special-edition and limited in quantity, and will never be offered again once the FEN event ends.
FEN Edition items also have a power level higher than similar items that are more commonly available. This advantage will only be magnified after the event and the (L)imited and consumable FEN Edition items get used up and become increasingly more rare.
Changes and Fixes
As mentioned in the original FEN Event announcement, there are several known issues that will be corrected in the next Version Update, currently scheduled for early next week.

  • FEN Tokens cannot be placed on the auction.
  • Duplicate DevaStim FEN Edition entry in the FEN Token Trader.
  • MediStim FEN Edition missing from FEN Token Trader.

There was also an error affecting the Adjusted Fast Aid Pack FEN Edition and Modified Fast Aid Pack FEN Edition items (limited and unlimited versions), which have incorrect deterioration values. Since they cannot be repaired, the (L)imited versions of those two items have been temporarily removed from the FEN Token Trader and will be reinstated after the corrected values are implemented in the upcoming Version Update.
FEN Statistics
Here are some fun statistics from the first few days of the FEN Event (as of Oct. 16, 2018 16:30 UTC)

  • FEN Gold Tokens looted: 32858
  • FEN Gold Tokens spent: 1950
  • FEN Platinum Tokens looted: 10642
  • FEN Platinum Tokens spent: 3000

***NOTE*** There is no predefined limit on the number of tokens that can be looted, it depends simply on how many creatures are killed.

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