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Yesterday 12:03
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10-23-2014 09:50
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10-23-2014 09:50
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10-22-2014 09:51
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10-22-2014 09:10
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10-22-2014 09:10
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10-22-2014 08:13
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Entropia Universe Servers Restarting
Oct 24, 14 - 12:03 PM - by Bertha Bot
Entropia Universe servers are currently being retstarted to address the issue with players getting stuck in walls and floors.Thank you for your patience.

Originally Posted Here
0 Replies | 30 Views
Issue with Avatars being stuck in walls
Oct 23, 14 - 9:50 AM - by Bertha Bot
Several Avatars have reported being stuck in walls near teleporters and revival stations after our last patch.We are working on a solution to the problem and urge all affected players to file a support case when stuck and request a replace to a ...

Originally Posted Here
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Servers Back Online
Oct 22, 14 - 9:51 AM - by Bertha Bot
Our servers are now back online, and Entropia Universe Release 15.0.1 and Planet Partner Content Releases are now available for download.!

Originally Posted Here
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Servers Are Down
Oct 22, 14 - 8:13 AM - by Bertha Bot
Our servers are now down while we implement Entropia Universe Release 15.0.1.We estimate that the servers will be made available again at 2014-10-22 09:00 UTC.!

Originally Posted Here
0 Replies | 41 Views
Server downtime for patch
Oct 21, 14 - 2:31 PM - by Bertha Bot
Tomorrow, Wednesday 2014-10-22 at 08:00 UTC, the Entropia Universe servers will taken offline for a patch to last weeks release 15.0. We estimate a downtime of 1 hour and a client patch size of 62 MB. ! For details about UTC ...

Originally Posted Here
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Entropia Universe 15.0.1 Release Notes
Oct 22, 14 - 9:10 AM - by Bertha Bot
VU-news text goes here...

  • Pets will now move around less and adjust to the avatar better.
  • Tooltip added for Pet Focus.
  • Pet names can now contain 12 letters instead of 8.
  • Creatures that have just been spawned will now wait a short duration before they aggro.
Fixed Issues
  • Pets will now behave properly in estates.
  • Shop sales notifications have been fixed.
  • Hovering Target UI no longer takes focus from chat.
  • All event areas are now displayed in event list.
  • Creature “Tab tab” no longer crashes the client.
  • Target texts will no longer overlap
  • Fixed Tracked missions UI bug where UI went black upon maximization.
  • An issue with private trading in space and instances has been fixed.
  • Sleipnir sounds are working again.
  • Panther portrait is no longer missing.
  • Fixed an issue where a pet trick could not be executed.
  • Client Loader and Client will now launch faster.
  • Pets will now perform tricks to the corresponding profession level of their avatar.
  • Linked pet items will now show basic information.
  • Can no longer summon/dismiss pets when avatar is dead.
  • Next target with a pet summoned is now work correctly.
  • Scroll bar now resets for a new page in the message center.
  • None accessible motherships will no longer show up in the teleport list in space stations.
  • When teleporting to another server the pet will be correctly dismissed and the pet item will appear in the inventory.
  • Items in private trade window now display their correct values.
  • Pet brush icon in inventory is no longer clipped.
  • Pet brush sound is now sync with the animation.
Known Issues
  • Geometry blocking passages in Calypso Beacon Mission dungeons.
  • Several pet grooming animations have been fixed.
  • Snablesnot Male and Female have had some tricks renamed.
MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

0 Replies | 89 Views
Entropia Universe 15.0 Release Notes
Oct 15, 14 - 10:51 AM - by Bertha Bot
Version Update 15.0 includes the first phase of reintroducing Taming to Entropia Universe. Future updates will introduce exciting new Taming features such as pet buffs and equipment, as well as features specifically related to the ComPet app that will be released early next year.

In this first phase, existing pets will become active once again and each planet will feature one new low-level tamable creature:
  • Arkadia - Nusul Puny
  • Calypso - Bristlehog Puny
  • Cyrene - Young Arret
  • Rocktropia - Panther Puny
  • Toulan - Tabtab Puny
Taming a creature
Tamable creatures are indicated by a heart-shaped taming symbol, to the left of a creature’s health bar. When you find a tamable creature, you first need to use a Whip to lower the spirit of the creature increase its respect. Once the creature reached the correct thresholds you will be able to use an action called “Attempt Tame” to command the creature to obey and become your pet.

Pets are summoned from your avatar inventory. A summoned pet will follow your avatar around, and various information and commands are available from the pet dashboard that appears when a pet is summoned.

Your pet will have different moods depending on how it feels, so it is a good idea to keep your pet engaged while summoned.

Pets consume energy over time and gain experience over time while summoned. Energy indicates how well fed a pet is. Right click on Nutrio Bars in your inventory in order to feed your pet. Energy level affects a pet’s mood, so be sure to keep your pet well fed.

Depending on how it is treated a pet will gain affection towards your avatar. Keep treating it well and something good might be given in return due to the deep connection you have built up.

As you engage and care for a pet it will gain experience levels. Higher levels unlock different commands and tricks that a pet can perform. Additional commands will be added in future updates.

Focus is a measure of how well a pet can focus when performing tricks and other commands. Be sure not to push your pet too hard in a short time period or it will lose focus.

Ancient Pets
Existing tamed pets from the old taming system are operational in the relaunched taming system, and are indicated as Ancient pets. The old pet maturities have been merged into one of two maturities as follows:
  • Former pets with a maturity of Young - Guardian are now the default Ancient pet maturity, and have the parameters of the former Guardian pet maturity.
  • Former pets with a maturity of Dominant - Stalker are now known as the Ancient Strong maturity and have the parameters of the former Stalker maturity.
Two new crafted Whips have been introduced. The blueprints for these items can be found while crafting weapons on any planet.

Shrapnel, a new stackable resource, has been introduced to hunting loot. All creatures on all planets will drop this new resource as a symbolic representation of salvaged battle debris, regardless of the type of... [Read More]
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Cdf urgent news
Oct 17, 14 - 2:51 PM - by Bertha Bot
Only hours ago, robot forces launched multiple attacks against CDF excavation sites, using teleporters connected to the Hadesheim Core. It appears that CDF has unfortunately severely underestimated the robot force’s capabilities. Our analysts now believe that The Core may have been built specifically to allow quick insertion of robot forces on Calypso to retrieve the RX caches.

CDF forces are being routed at all points. Federal Imperial forces are unable to assist, due to political reasons (any larger Imperial forces landing on Calypso may cause massive riots by colonists, as it would be seen as an attempt to assume direct control, bypassing the colonial administrations).

Therefore, we ask that any combat-capable colonists travel to the coordinates listed below to assist in keeping these excavation sites secure while intelligence is gathered.

Robot Locations:

Steelbird Elites, Attackers, Defenders, Warriors, Spider Bombers

  • Low level - 86889, 84843
  • Mid level - 68819, 82678
  • High level - 67931, 87815

Steelbirds, Legionaires, Eviscerators, The Eviscerator

  • Low level - 86370, 84887
  • Mid level - 74485, 92191
  • High level - 74251, 92718

Drones, Drone Co-ordinators, Warrior Elites

  • Low level - 87235, 94631
  • Mid level - 88027, 79347
  • High level - 88021, 95004

Drone Elite and Warrior Elite

  • 83106, 78137

Steel Bird Elites

  • 82549, 78380

Originally Posted Here
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CDF General Announcement
Oct 16, 14 - 2:00 PM - by Bertha Bot
Careful review of the Data Storage Units (DSUs) recovered from The Core below Hadesheim earlier this year has yielded intriguing results. Each DSU apparently contains information about the location of technology caches, as well as instructions on how to open them. Further, evidence suggests that the technology in these caches was developed by the RX units during their alliance with the robots before the War Titan event, then hidden as their pact dissolved.

Determined to retrieve these caches before the robots, the CDF and RDI have jointly dispatched excavation teams to the sites mentioned in the DSUs. To prevent the robots from reaching the target sites first, multiple teams standing by to assist.

Originally Posted Here
0 Replies | 62 Views
Planet calypso content release 2014.3
Oct 15, 14 - 10:51 AM - by Bertha Bot

New Item Upgrade Mission
We have introduced a new series of item upgrade missions available from “The Shroom Fiend” located in Minopolis. In exchange for certain items he can upgrade your EMT kit Ek-2350 and EMT kit Ek-2600 in three stages to Adjusted, Improved and Modified versions!

New Hunting Challenges
  • Bronze Challenge: Marcimex Stage I
  • Bronze Challenge: Mind Reaver Stage I
  • Iron Challenge: Kerberos Stage I-V
  • Iron Challenge: Mulmun Stage I-V
  • Iron Challenge: Muluk-Hir Stage I-V
  • Iron Challenge: Mulaak'f Stage I-V
  • Iron Challenge: Hogglo Stage I-V
All Iron Challenge missions can be accessed from mission terminals in various locations throughout Calypso.

Blueprints for Robot Beacons can now found while crafting Tools.

Added Bristlehog Puny spawns to the following locations:
  • Minopolis
  • Nymphtown
  • Ashi
  • Osere
  • Camp Icarus
  • Port Atlantis
  • Cape Corinth
  • Fort Ithaca
Bug Fixes
  • Issues with Faucervix animations have been fixed.
  • Creature hint locations in “The Daily Hunter Category 1- Daikiba mission.
  • Many incorrect skill requirements for CDF weapons have been corrected.
  • Issues with "Jezebel's Hunt Challenge" have been fixed.
  • Fixed hovering water level at Fort Isis.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Stable fences to become invisible when playing with low or safe mode enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes causes an avatar to get stuck in walls when using the televator at Fort Victoria.
  • It is now possible to sell Fireworks on the auction.
  • An issue with text strings in beacon instances has been corrected.
  • Fixed some issues with Pilot Goggles looking strange when equipped.
  • The hitbox on Thorifoid Shaman, Cersumon and Tantillion has been scaled up.
  • Changed ranged/melee attacks back to old settings on all robots.
Creature Visual Updates:
  • Thorio Male
  • Thorio Female
  • Muluk-Hir
  • Mulaak'f
  • Mulmun
  • Caudatergus
  • Longtooth
Misc Updates/Fixes
  • Many Calypso teleporters have been optimized.
  • Lots of newly produced sounds have been added and older sounds updated, with a focus on the newcomer areas. The overall sound balance has been addressed as well.

Originally Posted Here
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