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Jenny's healing service, on Arkadia (GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler)

Offering healing services with my Smuggler (dont tell IFN tho)

Decay only for fap**, requested armor and TP jumps
(I have Gremlin, Knight, Pixie(incl adj), Goblin, Settler, Ghost, Corvus, Koroma, Liakon and some plates: 1a, 2a, 5b, 6a)

33.8-45.0 22/min
3.941 pec/heal
14.44 heals/sec
9.99 heal/pec

Current tier:

About me:
173 Hp
35 Paramedic
31 Evader
22 Dodger

PM me here or on any of the other EU forums
Or find me in game, or ask for me (usually on evening/nights MA time)
I spend most of my time at Arkadia but if you want me on any other planet it's a 8ped travel fee (unless I am there already, or have other business there)

*Not accepting the new "healer %", too much outside our control in that system
**If enhancers are used, broken ones will be added to fap decay

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