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Old 03-24-2012, 09:31   #1
ShiityLiLMongo Inept
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F1ngers ShiityLiLMongo ThroatGash
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disconnections and halting

I cant see any post about this so I will ask if some1 can post and let us know what is happening

My soc and half my fl are australians and for weeks,(2 VUs ago) we all disconnect at same time most the time and this is happening every half hour to an hour 24/7

also New zealanders and china seem to be disconnecting with us

500 deaths by entropia halting or disconnecting everyday isnt much fun ...I should ask for compensation for all of us while Im here :}

many peeps have given up playing atm so please keep us informed when this will be fixed so we know when to come back to entropia

Just a statement informing us this will get fixed soon would be nice :}
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Old 03-26-2012, 12:57   #2
Fifth Poor
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The Fifth Entity
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Sry to hear, this is way too much even for case-hardened aussies..
However, can't see how can some software company in Sweden repair the international cables and links.

Theoretically, it could be MA's fault if they had several different Entropia Universe servers, one located somewhere in China/Australia region. But afaik, there's only one server - from all over the world we are connecting to the same physical server.
Now, if the problem was in this server (or it's connection to the outside world) then everyone would have dropped out, not only China and Australia.

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