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EBN: Egg-citing news out of Treasure Island - and that’s no yolk!

Jermaine the Anchorman: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

Today’s top story:

A major announcement coming out of Treasure Island. We go now to our reporter, CJ Weave, who is reporting live from Treasure Island Castle. CJ?”

CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine.

'Aaaah, The Egg...' A standing joke among Calypsians, ever since entrepreneur-colonist Zachurm “Deathifier” Emegen bought the petrified ovum for a fantastical amount of PED. Now, scientists say, we might finally get to hear the punchline.

The Egg will hatch - if everything goes as planned, that is.

We are joined now by renowned Xenobiologist Charles Marvin, who is leading the project to hatch the Egg.

“Charles, how exactly do you plan on hatching the Egg?”

Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “It’s simple, really. The Egg was extracted from the carcass of the Atrox Queen - it was never brought to term. We intend to ‘tell’ the Egg that it’s time to hatch, by subjecting it to a cocktail of hormones... Atrox and otherwise.”

CJ Weave: “What exactly do you hope to accomplish by hatching the Egg?”

Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “Knowledge. The Egg is a xenobiological anomaly. It will remain a missing link in our understanding of this world we call Calypso until it hatches.

And who knows what we could learn from whatever hides within the egg?”

CJ Weave: “Charles, it’s an Atrox Queen egg; would it not be safe to assume that it contains an atrox?”

Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: Well... Uhm... Good point. Hmm... It’s actually a green Atrox Queen egg, so...”

CJ Weave: Thank you, professor. For EBN News, I’m CJ Weave. Back to you at the station.

Jermaine: “Well, there you have it, folks. A new chapter in Calypso’s history, or the world’s most expensive omelet? I personally can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned.”

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"Something to take our breath away..."

I can still remember that announcement from Marco... and i'm not so thrilled.

Btw, to whoever was writing that little story:

We're saying "Ahhh, the egg" ever since that first idiot bought it - a.k.a. King CAPSLOCK, a.k.a the owner of EUs first (and very likely last) undead theme park (we don't use the "Z" word!)... does he have unicorn there meanwhile? But i digress...

That was years before Deathifier raised the pressure on you by paying even way more than the initial 100k PED.

And the egg was not "extracted from the carcass of the Atrox Queen" - the lucky finder looted it from a feffoid back then - who knows, it might be a Feffoid Egg and you guys just fucked up the description yet again?

Btw, the headline causes severe brain damage - even for a yellow press story title this is bad.
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Sbi Inept
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I am quite thrilled about it. It is nice that the loose ends get wrapped up and I look forwards to seeing the result.

Nice post MA!

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Same here. Somebody has spent a big amount for that egg. It certainly has a big role in the history of the planet .
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