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    Nov 01 2010
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    Thx for the contributions so far. Although, there are less replies as on the old EF, quality of them is much better.

    Why not eliminate item drops at all. Instead of that it would be possible to drop only components without much variance in loot. And, instead of using another slot machine to craft items from them, it should be more challenging in terms of time and knowledge to craft an item. A puzzle-like thing or a creative system like ďLegoĒ might be an improvement over what we have so far. Iím quite sure, when the system enables creativity, then we would have more cycled peds.
    Sounds a bit like making DNA.


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    Nov 01 2010
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    Nov 02 2010
    I've recently analyzed mining range enhancers .

    One conclusion is that it would be best to craft them themselves, otherwise ECO is bad.

    I guess this is one of the main RCE problems EU has. Especially on L items markups are bounded, otherwise they do become uneco.

    If we sum all this up then RCE of EU can be characterized as follows:
    1) A player in EU has first to gamble for loot.
    2) Most of the items he will get are TT food.
    3) Some can be used for crafting but markup is bounded due to limited items.
    4) Only unlimited items do have reasonable markup but most of them canít be looted and are basically LAís or rare items.

    None of these problems has been addressed so far, but instead we do see is the following:

    1) Increase of HOF and ATH values.
    2) Increase of decay due to HP gain.
    3) Increase of decay due to enhancers.
    4) Increase of decay due to missions and events.
    5) Increase of decay due to vehicles.
    6) Hype about ATHís and real estates.


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