A new resource (Open Source Code) was discovered yesterday which allows us to craft a new armor.
Hacker Demons are dropping it and can be easily hunted by mid level players or a good team of new players.

I will be leading a team tonight if anyone is interested in learning to hunt for free or wants in on a fun social evening.
We will be using B.A.M.F ZK1(L) Shotguns so that everyone will be doing equal amounts of damage.
You have two options for joining.

1. Bring your own shotgun and ammo and keep your loot and a full share of any items looted.
2. Come for free fun, I will supply you with a gun and ammo and I will receive your share of loot and items looted. (you skill for free)

With a team no armor is needed. But if you want they do Electric and possibly stab damage. (were hitting me 20-30ish with no armor)

The hunt will start at 9pm Alaska, 10pm Pacific, 11pm Mountain, 12Midnight Central and 1AM Eastern. (EU, Asia, and Australia etc.. are welcome to come at the same time, but I'm not familiar with the time conversion)

My offer to anyone who loots Open Source Codes: I will sell you the newly discovered Firewall Armor Pieces for 110% + 4 Codes for each piece. (or you can sell your codes to anyone who wants to collect them for their own armor)
I will also offer to buy any stacks that have a reasonable markup for selling in auction.

I will be around either CND Lagoon, or in "Hunt The Thing" before the hunt hanging out and getting the team together. If you are in one of those places ask for me and someone should be able to help you find me.

Lets have some fun