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    Jun 18 2011
    If MA would just go back to 2006 when I started and I think was a peak time for alot of people who started, there wouldn't be these negative kind of reviews..I never would have continued into this game and deposited if I got the results I get now..Something obviously has to change and I think it's the loot system..

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    Oct 12 2011
    Pay no attention to that reviewer - Clearly he didn't offer much time on this game than the very beginning (5-10 hours) and saw one or two different areas and tried a few different activities.

    Sadly, this is where most people run away too - Everyone enters with the idea of "making a few quick bucks while playing, can't be that hard, after all I've been gaming for the most of my life and I am hardcore in most of them" only to realize after a couple of hours their idea is shattered on the floor.

    I usually tell new people who complain about it
    "What did you honestly expect? A real world economic in here is like a real world economic outside your door, you don't go on a job the first day and expect a full month of salary by the end of the day, do you? You have to work your ass off to get it"

    The beauty of this game is that you are NEVER done with exploring, trying new things, skilling up, loosing money, earning money, meeting new people etc. it's a neverending process, which again means not 2 days in here is looking like each other (even by the crafting machine where you craft you meet new people and obtain different skills + loot and losses).

    This game gets by my reviews of the game a 7/10 as it IS extremely hard to get into without doing hours of research on stuff and learning the ropes by sweating, collecting dung, fruits, stones and teleporting portals.
    However, once you do learn the basics, you can see the "road up ahead" towards the fame

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    Dec 01 2011
    Well, they are both 3D sci-fi games, and they were both released the same year. But from my own perspective Entropia has a better community. If someone had come up to me willing to mentor me in the ways of EVE Online then I would have accepted. But it was Entropia players who brought me to love Ark, Caly, and RT.

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    Jul 17 2011
    eve is ok, star trek is ok..many games are ok and nice and fun.....but not even one can be compared with Entropia becouse of the RCE system. Yes ..i agree entropia is not what was before but i believe this is becouse are not so many oportunities like before: to discover stuff ul make money very fast..or very slow:P. You can make money now..tones..but you need to work work work alot. I think entropia need more events..litle and big ones with nice prices...more stuff to be discovered and to give unique posibilities for the players to advance. Still entropia remain the best game ever for me ..becouse of money involved and unique oportunities this game offer. And you can't compare a game where your money are involved with any rest of the games for fun. Are just two different types of games. At least this is my personal opinion.
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    Aug 23 2011
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Quote Originally Posted by Bertha Bot View Post

    Rapid Fire Reviews: EVE and Entropia Universe
    Virginia Tech Collegiate Times
    EVE Online is a massive, multiplayer online role-playing space combat game and seems to be one of the only science ...


    News feed provided by Google News.
    There is a huge lesson for Mindark in the article "Rapid Fire Reviews: EVE and Entropia Universe." You have to make a great effort in the broadcasting, advertising and promotion of Entropia Universe. Although on line for many years our Entropia Universe is in many ways an unknown in the market. Being extremely complex demands that in its diffusion should not be on the hands of reporters who try to play it for a few hours.

    Consult experts in marketing, you are good developers but not necessarily good at marketing strategy. Must redouble the effort to attract new players willing to deposit a few dollars to play, we know that global loot is directly related to ingame economy so we need more and more players willing to overcome the learner's period (unusually long and complex for a mmorpg).

    Keep in mind that the European crisis may present a risk and an opportunity for Entropia Universe. A risk because there are fewer players willing to spend their money on games, a chance because it is likely that many gamers do not want to be in the obligation to deposit regularly but they are willing to do so when he can and wants, and that's where Unversed Entropia wins all other.

    Finally, protect older players, those who have joined in this adventure for years. Honor them in some way, not for their skills but for the hours they have accumulated collaborating to give life to Entropia Universe.
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    JoseM Tacoral
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    Jun 17 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by pusherman View Post
    And here is the big difference people, in entropia we make love to the opposite sex, in other mmo's it's sex with an object or a family member.
    WTF?!! OMG....Hahaha!!

    On Topic: I tried Eve..I didn't like the 2D world and did that 14 day free trial..And unlike person who wrote that negative article about EU..I didn't really play/sink my teeth into EVE to give a true observation. But I truly just didn't like the 2D..compared to 3D
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