Happy Holidays!

This is the perfect time of year for gifts, and my new website, www.gamedebateclub.com, is celebrating the holiday by giving out some free games!

Game Debate Club is a resource for game reviews, news, and debate about issues important to gamers... and probably nobody else. Every week we're going to have free game giveaways attached to various articles, and we're launching with a couple quick contests.

Entering is really easy - go to www.gamedebateclub.com and look to the right sidebar - you'll see "Create New Account." Follow the prompts to become a new user (have absolutely no fear, we WILL NOT sell your e-mail address or spam you), then click on any of these articles, each with their own contest:

Gamer Debate: Keep, Trade, or Sell your old games?
This one's simple - tell us what you do with your old games, pick a side, or an argument, and back it up! Out of the decent responses we'll pick a winner - you don't have to blow us away, just be on point.

Video Game Sniglets: With Much Respect to Rich Hall
Also pretty easy - tell us which is your favorite Sniglet - and if you have the stones, make one up for everyone to enjoy! One commenter wins!

The Most Fun I Had All Week: Liar's Dice
And another easy contest... tell us what what the most fun you had in the past week of gaming. If you're on topic, you're in the contest!

Contest winners will be announced December 31, and more contests will go online 1/1/11, our "official" launch date! Winners will be given a choice from a list of games (since so many of you already have a huge stack of games, better to let you choose).