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    Dec 19 2010

    Lightbulb Plans for Medusa Shops

    Dear Entropians,

    It is with great pleasure that we (The Medusa Team) bring to you the "Medusa Bazaar". It is our vision to facilitate a cheap and easy way for trading to occur without having to pay for the auction fees. To that effect our team will take steps to ensure that the area has proper coverage as well as good foot count.

    Having considered many options, including outright sale of the property we have decided to work on it as follows:

    1. Since valuations are based on many factors we have decided that the people who have supported us all along ( all the EU players) shall be instrumental in deciding the price of the property in view. To that effect , we have already placed a well positioned shop in the "in-game auction" with the SB = 1 ped and NO BO (auction ends approx. 31 hours from now).
    2. Based on the outcome of the auction, we will be setting the floor for the pricing of shops in the area. As such all further sales will be conducted at prices equal or above the final sale price of the first sale.

    Watch for future sales - we may sell some shops in the forum so keep an eye out! Don't miss out on your chance at getting a shop in this unique open mall layout!

    Thank You,

    The Medusa Team

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    Hatchling Romulinx2's Avatar
    Nov 24 2010
    Thanks for the info




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