Invite all the new players from Next Island or beyound to join on this event that will be the SECOND NEXT ISLAND NOOBS TREASURE HUNT!

The event will start on the evening of friday 01 of july 2011 at 21:00H (+1GMT) and will carry on all way up to monday morning 03 of july of 2011 11:00 (+1GMT)

Amongst several forms of treasure (armors, weapons, mats, bps, peds, mining and medical tools, etc) new treasure (including full armor sets) will be thrown in around every 12 hours.

As the first event the treasure will be hidden around the new players regions of the planet and it is advised that all the treasure is for new players of the game so they can have a starting chance on this game.

If you are an old player who is willing to help, meet Lord Long Licious (at Serpentine Village Auction hut during the two previous weeks to the event) ingame or pm me here to add anything you would like to donate for this NIN second treasure hunt.