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    Oct 25 2011

    A newb crafter question

    Hey guys, this is my first theard on this forum... so i got a question! I am like 5 days old in the game, made some wonderfull freindos on arkadia AND i got some ped... but now im low on ped! mining is to risky, so i decided to take a crafting book and 2 components blueprints, like my friend said. But my first 4 tries were a total fail.... so this is the question: How do i succesfully craft when im a newb??

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    Nov 02 2010
    29 don't. Crafting is for most people more risky than mining. If you really want to craft, then either go for SIB, which will cost more but you gain skills faster or for something like sheet metal, where you might get somewhere near break even, but you will get far less skills.

    And I just realized you are on Arkadia, so I have no idea what BPs are there. But look for one which uses only a couple of materials but sells for a good mark-up or find a SIB for your level. And start with components, until you get blueprint comprehension, it'll help you minimize your losses.

    Personally I would stick to mining or hunting.


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    Young STYRM's Avatar
    Oct 10 2011
    as lily said.. mining is probably the the least "risky" activity in this game.. actually, it is kinda easy to learn and get good results.. you only need to learn it.. so read up and then go for it..

    crafting will probably be the most expensive thing you will ever do in EU.. only a few makes money from it and those who does is super skilled and probably have some really rare and great blueprints.

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    Oct 12 2011
    If you plan on going crafting make sure you have the money to spare - The results are really really low in the start as your skills aren't great on it and the blueprints start a 1.0 rating. You will need to spend a good deal of money to even start making money on crafting (Call it an investment if you want).

    Mining and Hunting are the two "easy to do" options where mining CAN be profitable for new players, but most will fumble away loads of PED's before learning it, where as hunting isn't really that hard to start with. You either kill it or you don't, learning curve is fast there.

    Personally I would suggest you get a mentor that can TEACH you either hunting grounds or mining grounds and the basics of them. In any case, as a new player, don't expect to break even when you do the "fun" stuff, the boring stuff is the only thing profitable for a new player unless they are lucky (boring being; doing jobs for others, farming sweat, collecting stones and fruit or reselling items)

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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    have not been to arkadia yet, but if it's anything like Calypso, the little mobs you hunt will likely give muscle oil... which can be used to craft with. You could mine to get some of the minerals to craft with too... or just buy them... but it might be funner if you loot them yourself with your own mining or hunting since standing at a crafting machine all day long and doing nothing else can get a bit boring. Go explore. Deposit 20-50 bucks and, get a vtol and oil for it and/or a teleport I chip and enough Mind Essence to use it and go get every TP on the planet you are on as a starter mission of sorts.




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