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    Jun 04 2011

    new update comes with yet another nerf in beauty

    we have now a time nerf.

    i'm a lvl 15 hairdresser in the game so not low skilled , owke i'm not really high aswell.
    but it should be enhough to let the tools work a bit faster , would it not ?

    no ineed not between attempt and attempt i will need to wait 40 seconds.
    funny is that we sometimes need many attempts to get a succesfull hit.
    that maening customers micht be sitting in the chair for really really long and as MA gives newcomers lvl 34 hair coupes away we now know nobody will come over to get a hair / face / body job done.

    so i have sended a case to overlook the proffesion and set things back as they where before vu 10 release.
    or atleast take the time nerf away.

    if not i will do as stated in my support case.
    that is sell out and retrieve all the money i can get out of the game and quit.
    i'm completely fed up with it.

    every time i get to do something buy a expansive thing or change from proffesion there will happen something like a mayor price drop (like on my angel) or some gets nerfed a way that it takes all the joy away to even do that proffesion.

    i'm about to give up , if i have to cross this line it will be the line of end off game.

    the support case. --->

    Email Notification (Contact Info): Yes
    Status: Open
    Date Created: Jun 4, 2011 7:08 PM GMT
    Last Updated: Jun 4, 2011 7:08 PM GMT

    Case Description
    Category: In-world (game play)
    Subject of query: Abuse or Harassment
    Deposit method:
    Summary: harasment done by mindark
    Details: hello.

    i am wondering would you(game people) like me and others like me to sell out and stop with the game ?

    i deposit quite a lot.
    even did that today aswell.

    sadly now to find out SEE / mindark / other planet partners have rigged my game play even more.

    my ingame proffession is beauty
    hairstyle / body and face.
    first you people nerf it down giving all new poeple the opportunity to take the hairstyle that i can only dream of being capable of doing myself.
    what is damn unfair.
    now secondly you game dev's nerfed it even more by setting in a timeque near 40 seconds between attempt and next attempt.

    this time nerf would not be such a problem if i didnt have to do up to 5 attempts before getting a succesfull hit.

    customers that are very hard to get as mindark gives away the highest lvl hair when they start the game are not at all coming over when they know they might get stuck in a chair for a half a hour.

    i demand that the beauty proffession will be looked at.
    that it will be un-nerfed and made normal again.

    if this will not be done in a short period of time i will sell out and retrieve all the thousands of dollars i have put in this game.

    we beauticians are fed up with all the nerfing in our proffesion.

    this and the shop item bug are bringing me over the line to quit.

    i really hope the beauty proffesion will be overlooked very fast
    and be set back as the way it was before VU10.
    or at least the time nerf will be removed again.

    and not just a standard mail with we forwarded it to the person bla bla bla bla.

    looking forward to your answer.
    greetings and my best regards.


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    Mature Tush's Avatar
    May 25 2011
    Slovakia, Bratislava

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    I wish you best of luck, even if I don't have anything to do with beauty profession, things need to be reworked to be better in all professions Let's hope MA considers that.

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    Jun 04 2011
    well for MA i hope so.
    in my case i'm giving them a few weeks top's to sort it .

    offcourse i will post the answer here aswell

    i tried to log in to the support part but they are having it down for maintenance.

    regards sid,

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    Dec 10 2010
    I have not play EU for some time only log in every now and then just to keep account active.

    I am a hair stylist as well and did keep a post upto date of who was at what level etc. Hair stylist had been promised a new hair system ages ago but i have seen no changes what so ever and with more games coming out with epic hair styles and avatar veriations yet EU seems to struggle to allow us to even have more otopns in colour hair let alone faces that look any diff from each other.

    I feel your pain, any sytem in EU that allows player to make peds they Nerf it. EU needs to stop this and allow people to makes peps off the people who play the game. which in turn will make them more as people spend more.,

    Stop screwing with the things that work and braking them. how about getting the basic right before adding new system and making the game even bigger but while the player base gets smaller.

    please bring back face to face trading as these allowed people to show off there new faces/hair etc please birng back the old avatar system pre vu 9.0 as that allowed for some crazy creation for avatars

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