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    Jan 19 2011
    Hate to say it but it doesnt seem unique to the OP; whilst I cant say weather another gd on radar effects loot value I can say they No looters / Miss and Failed messages have all increased for me in the last 7/8 weeks, with average returns (even after globals) running at 40-60%

    Naturally; support ticket is replied in the usual way :

    " Hi, Thank you for your report. I have forwarded the issue to members of the responsible team for further investigation and any irregularities found will be adjusted. Please stay tuned to the News and Release Notes sections on the website for further information and developments.

    Thank you for your patience."

    And close the ticket lol

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    Aug 30 2011
    Yes, because for there to be decent TT return we need more people spending money in the game. MA replys that way because they have no control over how many people play the game and how much they spend and so they can't really fix the problem. There is also nothing they can do to try and get more people to play the game and spend more money....Oh wait, yes there is they just won't do it

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    Jul 18 2011
    When I mention the avatar on the edge of the radar I realy do mean the EDGE of always causes issues for me when gfx set too high.. causes a lag that seems to affect gameplay and loot lag.

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    Dec 19 2011
    we need someone else loosing money.
    and its better if its a newbie, and even better if he deposit 10 or 20k and just quit forever. and if he can pick up some millions fruits and sweats and sell them for nothing before he leave, and buy some noobs stuff for 150% to help poor mindark and 20 players .

    what ?!

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    Nov 06 2010
    track tt and mu spent, vs tt and mu returned and adjust game play. If you do what all the other followers do you will probably be left behind also.

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    Jan 23 2012
    Lisboa, Portugal
    Hey all, after some years depo and losing it really fast, i started to get tired of spending money for nothing, when i depo, my first or second run hunting is always good on returning, but after that i always have 30% to 60% return, independent of the mob i hunt, atrox, allophyl,exas elites, estophyls,cornundacaudas, argonauts etc... I really tired of hunting but is the best thing in this game, some people talk about playing smart but i think thats not the answer, for some reason some avatar get a lot less return.. and yes, they know how the loot is distributed because this is a game, its like a machine in a casino, is programed to pay less than people spend.

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    Jan 04 2011
    man 3 misses per mob isn't bad your placement/setup might be off just.
    if them mobs are the mobs i think there are (prob not) your armor is way to big for them.

    problem with smaller mobs is u can't hunt over where others have just been becuase if they have hit say a 20pedder (or something close) right there the other mobs around there are gonna be shit looting to make up for what was givin out to the hunter before u. but on the other hand it can give good loots to but doesn't happen alot with small mobs.
    If you get as showin in the pic so many no looters your best thing to do is move, try 100meters anyway from the location you are getting the bad loots. keep jumping/moving till u get a good place.

    or this bit of info did work for me for a great deal of my entropia live.
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    Sep 06 2012
    I start playing at 2008 without depositing. After selling thousands of sweat chosen mining profession. After some profitable returns, even though the biggest thing I got was like 70 PED global, I still could afford to do some hunting as well from time to time...Of course hunting didn't go so well like mining, cause I wasn't skilled enough, usually get back with 80-90% TT return. Anyway, due to updates I was not able to continue playing. Now I'm back again in 2012 september.
    So I tried mining again...10-15 bombs in a row without any claims - often, actively changing spots, mining time - didn't change anything...4 straight days with nothing bigger than IV, are you joking? So I sold my mining gear, deposited like 300 PED (cause only a brainless thing can sweat now if he wants to start playing) & decided to go for hunting..
    My budget for hunting was over 700 PED & seems everything goes like mining, just a bit slower. After spending everything, I got various crap that worth only 400PED. Really, nothing worthy to put in a auction, cause everything now has 100.000001% mark ups...So I guess it's only time question when I'm going to run out of peds, no matter how wisely I'm going to use them. Surely, that means quiting, ain't depositing again, cause there aren't a wink of light to get some nice returns...


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