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    May 31 2011

    How is this possible...pls help with info and reply


    Im making this post coz im soooooo frustrated and i wanna see if any of u have the same problem as i in game since 2006-11-08 18:40:48...i wasnt playing for 2 years at all coz it broke my at braking point again thats why i need 2 see if im the only one with this my time ingame ive deposited 8k$(i am not a rich person and this kinda money is alot 4 me)...i have 130k skills....finder f-105 tier II and clothes on my back wich was free...i didnt do anything stupid like useing tools over my skill limit or hunting big mobs. Mainly i was hunting feffs adn atrox and i did some mining on hell and foma...never bigger amp than 7...most of the time lvl 5....never got anything big...1-2k ped loots wich lasted for few dayz(most of my deciples got more founds than i do...hitting tower after 3 month ingame on the same spots ive mined 1000 times)...and mentor prize is always worthless gun or armor part...i would appreciate all feedback...(i have many friends in EU and the ones who deposit alot and all of them have more skills, way more gear and they can accualy play the game...

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    Nov 01 2010
    The "population" on this forum is pretty much a subset of the PCF members (for historical reasons) - it makes absolutely no sense to post exactly the same thread again over here.
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