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    Feb 25 2012

    Help - How do I get off Next Island

    Please help, I want to go home.

    How do I get off this Island and back to Calypso?

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    Nov 15 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunrod View Post
    Please help, I want to go home.

    How do I get off this Island and back to Calypso?
    I assume you don't have a ship of your own;

    There frrequent pilots with their own ships passing by (ie quadwing, possibly vtols), most often at Crystal Village. Go there and wait.

    Once a week the mothership Normandie is passing by on a scheduled trip, that's a convenient way to travel back as you can log out as soon as you enter the mothership (and, well paid the fee) and then log in next day on Calypso space station and use teleporter down to planet (+7 ped cost). A related option is to charter a mothership, especially if you're carrying materials you want to keep and bring with you, and go through warp speed, but then count with around 100 ped if mothership already isn't at Next Island (50 ped warp decay for mothership to come to next island, 50 ped warp decay for motership to fly you to calypso, 7 ped to use the pay teleporter at calypso space station). If there are others who want to come with you to Calypso you can split the warp decay costs.

    Besides riding directly to Calypso, you can also look around for cheap rides to Arkadia - it's probably easier to find a ride from Arkadia to Calypso than from NI to Calypso. Also Rocktropia is an option but "flights" aren't that common from Rocktropia either. (Theoretically, you can fly to FOMA/old CND and CP, but it's unlikely someone would travel from NI to *there*).

    To sum it up you have to use some sort of pilot to get to calypso.

    If you're going with a private pilot it's higly advisable you don't bring stackables you don't want to loose. Put things with a value in storage on NI (ore, materials, fruit, stones, sweat). TT things with low markup (wools, hides, possibly lysterium and such). Free free to leave some dung in your carried inventory as a gift to potential pirates. ,)
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