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    Oct 09 2011

    Dynamic Content after first intallation is not complete


    when people download the game for the first time i recognized that the dynamic content (space, other planets) is not downloaded by default atm. Only the start planet is downloaded by the client.

    That often causes that new people who fly for the first time get thrown out of spaceships and dont know what happens.

    They think the game is broken and get dissappointed.

    It cannot be part of the players to make sure others download the right content and teach people how to download all the content. Players do here technical support at the moment every now and then.

    Also a new player cannot know what he needs to do technically to travel anywhere as Mindark dont provide a user handbook with the software.

    I recommend to make it default that all content is downloaded from the start to give all player who arrive the best experience on space travel.


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    Jan 02 2012
    I will even expand this topic. Some friends of me tried to get Entropia running with ill results...basicly meaning they never really signed up.....sad.





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