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    Jan 19 2013
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    This would most def improve the value of sweat. Though if MA was going to make fuel changes along these lines then I would think that flying vehicles should use jet fuel (2 parts oil 1 part sweat???) and space vehicles should use some sort of thrust fuel (maybe work with the planet partners to make this similar to welding wire where you have ingredients from different planets)
    I whole-heartly agree with this. And don't forget putting those basic filters to good use too.

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    Nov 01 2010
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    Most players who use sweat are depositers who do not have time to collect it themselves. The current situation is such that the sweaters have no unity and as such undercut each other around the 2ped/K mark. There are now many Blueprints that use sweat and yet the price of sweat stays the same.
    All the sweaters have to do is sell it at 4-5Ped/k and not negotiate below that. Eventually the stores of sweat people have will dry up and they will have no choice but to either sweat for themselves or buy at 4-5Ped/k.

    The Price of sweat is entirely in the hands of the sweaters.
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    From my point of view Mindark policy to reduce the price of sweat at current levels was the worst decision. Perhaps the real goal has been to reduce the number of players "no contributors", limiting the rookies to weapons, tools and mobs "puny". Another major mistake was not respecting the concept of swamp camp (pre VU 10.0), where dozens of rookies were engaged sweating and hunting mobs with three species: daikibas, Combibos and berycled. The SC also was an important commercial center for rookies. These could contact more experienced avatars who went there to buy sweat necessary to employ all Mindforce chips. Swaamp Camp, Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks were all major trading centers, each with its own characteristics. The following TP all avatars, who wished to remain in the game, should possess was Neas Place. The current performs the same functions as the original, although the number of hours that a rookie should remain to buy an Opalo and enough ammunition for a hunting session triple the hours on the pre VU10.0. Result: the rookies do not last in the game.
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