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    Article: Calypso Land Lot Deeds Sold

    Another article posted

    Calypso Land Lot Deeds Sold


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    Nov 19 2010
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    Is it known who bought 25,000 CLD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thran View Post
    Is it known who bought 25,000 CLD?
    I think not

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    Nov 02 2010
    Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
    A lot of assumptions in this paragraph:

    Its anticipated that the game will improve in at least two ways. First, the creation of and participation in an increased number of events, combined with with bigger and better prizes, suggests that the enjoyment level of the game will rise. Using PEDs from their CLDs, players are likely to travel more frequently between planets to take part in recreational activities and not be as conscious of the nominal planet travel fees. Second, with the additional PEDs, the economy will improve, as players buy more armor, weapons, and resources. As the impact of supply and demand raises prices, this will enable hunters, miners, and crafters to turn a profit without depositing large sums of money. Players who own a substantial amount of CLDs can start paying salaries for various jobs and services. Over time, every shop will be purchased and will sell goods, every apartment will be occupied and decorated with furnishings acquired from a retailer, every land manager will have enough PEDs to promote events and give away huge prizes.

    These 'anticipated' outcomes are almost presented as definite 'facts' but in (virtual) reality it is at best just wishful thinking or at worst a mis-representation of Calypso's post-land deed future (imho).




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