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    Sep 10 2011

    The Sum of all fears

    JohnCapital the moderator, didn't even read the post called: Interesting yet sad, he simply closed it with a ruleset dealing with commercials he never even bothered to read that the post was of a pshycological nature.

    This is what happens when people start fearing eachother, grab you forks and touches folks, theres an ogre in the forest.

    It is a classical examble of how narrowminded some can be, in order to stay popular with a small group of people. The sad truth about it all really is, that this kind of behaviour ends up bashing the little guy for his free will and liberty of speech, I think we ought to ask ourselves whats next?

    If they have done me wrong this way, then how long before it is becomming policy? And when it does become policy, then we have an evil circle, a kultural exchange that is in danger of dying by the means of the cultural exchange.

    I am sick of throwing pearls for swines, so let me make one thing perfectly clear, and that is, you will never obtain respect of others while stepping them down... Infact you are asking for the same disrespectful treament in ways you cannot imagine. It is a law of karma, as simple as that.

    Sincerely: The NN.

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    Provider Ze-Tomb Raider's Avatar
    Nov 03 2010
    Queensland, Australia
    Most of what you post is only relevant to Entropia because it involves an RCE aspect/element (from what I've read, nevermind you thread "Splling the Beans" or whatever). If anything they should belong in the Off-Topic section (if you didn't already put them there).
    What you also do in these threads is advertise/market your own fictional or non-fictional Business Model (well maybe not market, but talk about it to an extent where you're advertising a non-Entropian Product). This advertising is what got your thread locked.
    Your complaining wouldn't be anything new either and it wont make a difference because the thread lock was fully justified form what I saw. I'm not 100% sure because I've just given up caring about pretty much every post/thread you've had a say in because it has no relation to Entropia at all.

    If you have a problem with the moderation take it up with the moderator(s) or with 711 with a case with undeniable evidence to back up your argument and why you beieve a Moderator has taken action without just cause.

    Also, I am fairly sure it is against forum rules to make a thread complaining about moderation.
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    Jul 10 2011
    To OP: Please stop posting. Thank you.

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    Nov 08 2010
    off topic mode on

    Looking for a moderator to complete team.
    Special hability to not understand thread posters required and good hability to be unfair to thread starters appreciated.

    off topic mode off

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    Provider JohnCapital's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Ze-Tomb Raider View Post
    ...What you also do in these threads is advertise/market your own fictional or non-fictional Business Model... This advertising is what got your thread locked....
    Y'know Ze-Tomb Raider's entire post from beginning to end is so perfectly written, it can't be said any better. I'll simply quote the most relevant part in case you suffer a sudden attack of ADD during your "break".
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