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I'd have to disagree with that part... if it's an omegaton amp (you mentioned the A103/A104), the amp is more efficient than the gun, and decay is only at 100% MU, so you will save money in the long run if you use the amp on a rapid-fire, low damage weapon (like the cap-303 Arctic) vs. a slow, big damage gun (like the law-303 Desert). Dmg/sec are equal and on the low damage weapon, the amp makes a bigger contribution to the overall damage and that increases overall efficiency. Some amps aren't efficient, so the opposite would be true with those.

But I do agree that on big mean mobs, the faster dmg/sec gun & amp is usually the better choice to reduce armor decay.
Sorry, it is probably my bad English. I meant that, in my experience, hunting the same mob (Atrox guardian for example), with the two weapons mentioned in my previous post, using the same amp, I pay less decay repairing the amp when I use the Arctic compared to the K400. I totally agree with your post.