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    Sep 27 2012

    What you Need For Space

    So besides purchasing a ship, what else do you need to get to space?

    Also, without using a mothership, are there safe ways to get from planet to planet?

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    Nov 04 2010
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    You need:

    A Space Thruster - for leaving and entering the atmosphere of a planet.

    An RK-5 repair tool and a supply of Welding Wire - to repair your ship if it is destroyed by pirates or space mobs, so you don't end up stranded at a space station with a destroyed ship.

    Oil - add plenty to your ship's fuel tank (it is lootable otherwise) since there is nowhere to buy fuel in space (except directly from other players).

    You don't need a weapon unless you want to hunt (which is risky), fight back against pirates (which is difficult) or be a pirate (which is wrong - jk, pirates are people too).

    There is no safe way to travel - but if you are not carrying any lootable stacks the only thing you can lose is some decay on you ship and repair tools. Generally speaking, pirates only harass you as you leave the safe zone around space stations. Once you are safely out in open space, you are unlikely to run into anyone.

    Also make sure you have downloaded the content for Space and any Planets you will be traveling to.

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    Sep 27 2012
    Thanks Miles for the help

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    Jan 02 2012
    Dont forget to have at least 2 PED on your PED card...its the planet entrance fee.

    I keep 20 PED of oil in my quad. Thats plenty. A full TT thruster has 50 uses..thats 25 times leaving a planet and 25 times entering one.

    On the subject of getting shot: repairing a Quad is pretty cheap (couple of pecs) and is cheap skilling. You need to get shot an awfull lot before the TT value of your Quad is zero. And lately I havent seen to many pirates around. But yes, leave your stackables in storage of the planet if you dont want to risk losing them.

    Regards, Roni
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    Nov 15 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Roni View Post
    And lately I havent seen to many pirates around. But yes, leave your stackables in storage of the planet if you dont want to risk losing them.
    The times I've visited space I could say that Rocktropia has been the most dangerous place. (Pirates camping the space station.)

    And if you want to move stackables I highly recommend going with a mothership/privateer. (Between planets I've travelled with scheduled rides to spend less time flying.) As for travelling safely between planets, ah dunno if there is any really safe way.

    The most dangerous part is to leave from space station as everyone who's flying from a planet will pass through space station area, and if you have bad luck, there is a group of pirates where at least one is right by thte space station to keep looking for easy targets, and then that scout tells his mates which way you are going (which means you can be attacked at a distance from space station with bad luck even if you don't see anyone following you).
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