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    Nov 12 2012

    What skills would you recommend training?


    I'm new to this game and have some questions about skills. My situation in life (the real one) in such that I can't really put in that much money into this game. I therefore would like to focus my skill training into specific categories and not go with the "I'll try some of that, and that" etc.

    The main question is what kind of weaponskill do you recomment me training? As I've understod it, handgun use less ammunition but do less damage and rifles for example use more ammunition but do more damage.

    First instinct is that handguns are best for me since they use less ammunition. But doesn't handguns fall behind in damage compared to rifles later in the game? I wouldn't want to invest in a skill that's infrior to another just beacuse I wanted to be really cheap with ammunition. It seems that ammunition is quite cheap so maybe it's not that much of a problem?

    Maybe the answer isn't in handguns or rifles, maybe melee weapons are most cost efficient? But I guess you take alot more damage then and have to repair armor more often and lose out on that...

    I hope I make some kind of sense and I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for all the help

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    Nov 01 2010
    It's not possible to achieve significant savings this way.

    All the weapons in EU have roughly equivalent cost per damage inflicted.

    See here, sort by Dmg/PEC.

    There are ways to improve (lower) your costs though, like having an eye on what you spend on markup (if you use (L) weapons) and to make sure that you have enough skills to max them.

    And last but not least, you can cause a lot of damage to a mob before it even reaches you with a long range weapon. This is somewhat compensated by the usually higher dmg/sec handguns offer, but there is generally no way to prefer handguns over rifles (or the other way round).

    If you want to become more efficient by chipping skills in, buy some Evade (or Dodge if you hunt bots) or defense related skills that help you with the Evader profession (see here, scroll down to the bottom of the page)

    I.e. Combat Reflexes give you a small boost in all hit professions, give you more health and have a positive influence on the two main defense professions.
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    Nov 12 2012
    Thanks for your answer, cleared a bunch of things out!

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