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    Dec 17 2012

    Getting to locations quick

    I have been looking through the auction site at some land deeds on calypso...... I was wondering I don't want to bid / buy anything with out being able to look at it. is there a quick way to get to a parcel that is listed? using the land location Through the teleport system or must I drive /fly walk run my way there? I also have not yet found a way to mark location on the satnav?? ie find a location on the map and then mark it on the satnav so I can navigate to it with out have the map pulled up?

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    Old antonioliveira's Avatar
    Jul 25 2011
    Entropedia is your friend.

    My first advice would be gather all the available teleporters. You have to do that running, driving, flying or by teleporting chip (I did it running).

    After you gathered all the tp you are probably close enough to anywhere, and will have to make the rest of the travel again on foot, driving, flying or tp'ing.

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    May 13 2011
    You can set a waypoint on the map by right clicking on the location you want, but it won't show on radar until you get close to the location. Some of the mission waypoints do show up on screen with a distance, similar to space waypoints, so maybe they will add that feature to regular waypoints.

    You can select different size maps so you can use the small one for an overview of which way to go without blocking a lot of the screen. Select one of the 3 sizes by clicking on the icon below the map.

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    Guardian Jennson's Avatar
    Nov 02 2010
    Are you talking about OLA land deeds or Calypso Land deeds ( CLDs ) ) If it's a deed for an OLA i suggest learning more about how Entropia actually works economywise. Of course it is your choice, but spending 10-35k USD without knowing how it works can be a disappointing experience.

    If it's a CLD there are is no physical land attched to it yet. At this point of time they entitle you for a part of Calypso's revenue ( weekly payout currently between ~3.5 - 5 PEd weekly per deed )




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