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    Feb 11 2012

    Looking for Casual Hunting Society

    Hello everyone,

    Looking to join a casual society which enjoys hunting. I've been playing since 2006 (on and off over the years). Looking for a society so that I have people to hunt with. I have 55k total skills: Lv30 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), Lv28 Ranged Laser (Dmg), Lv26 Laser Sniper (Hit); occasionally I will craft and rarely will mine.

    Prefer a larger society with people on in multiple timezones. I typically play somewhere between 16:00 and 05:00 MA Time. I do not play every day as I have a weird work schedule IRL.

    If anyone has any leads or have any questions for me feel free to msg me here or in game!

    IGN: Slightly Ace Stoopid


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    Feb 02 2013
    Welcome Back , there seems to a few players retuning which is always good !

    Calypso Settlers are look to recruit some more players both new and experienced. My soc has been up and running for nearly 7 years now, players have come & gone but the focus has always have fun through & events.

    You can add me Rowdoc Donner to find out more ( approx 20:00 - 23:00 ingame most nights)
    Calypso Settlers home of the brave.
    Tourists need not apply




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