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    Sep 16 2013

    Hi :)

    back to the point.. personally I love Cyrene ... it is a beautiful planet and very well done .... for me its not a place to *go make ped* (although i do make a ped there) just exploring it is fun and eye opening..there r missions for vehicles, clothes and weapons - bp's also( these items make ped btw )- look at caly/ark au or ppl running around with the items from this planet and arkadia .. *see the crystals* in that shop keepers window..or those cool looking cloth's ...from cyrene i know i know i know ....this games all about makeing ped ...well some of us still like to have fun and make ped doing it . YES u can have fun and still make ped dont worry about *what everyone else * is doing , do what makes u happy . personally , mining/some hunting i do NOT want ppl around me , i have hit globals on cyrene and many ppl have hit HoF's some even broadcast hunting there , its what U make out of it , make it a happy trip hf gl
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    Aug 13 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by KikkiJikki View Post
    That's a ridiculous line of reasoning.

    You have a bunch of interesting ideas that are unfortunately interspersed with misinformed opinions.

    yes it's hard work to be successful. up to the individual whether its worth the effort.
    Well, the buildings around Genesis Amertha Bilton tower are kind of empty, aren't they? If you think I am missinformed I suggest to go to the places I mentioned and look yourself.

    But that's not really what I want to say here. My oppinion is much more that this problem is mainly homemade:

    Instead of expanding endless with the same features it would have been much more effective to develope gamecontent to its next level instead during the last 5 years to provide a certain limit of entertainement and long motivation content. Now, EU seems to be kind of blown up - I mean a big universe is a great thing of course but it shouldn't grow faster as its gameplay content does. And I think this is VERY reasonable...

    Things like this could have been reduced very easy (I want to be fair and don't say "avoided" now, so see my good will) to check player feedback at projects that need longer times for developements - a very helpful tool I think, and lots of companies changed to that kind of projectings already long before.

    MA is just a bit too late to catch up that train of efficiency...and whole planet-projects are (obviously) too much work for small teams with slow progress, too.

    Thats why I suggested to sell continents instead at first to provide the game a certain quality. At least you have to learn walking before you start running, right? ...

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    Sep 16 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Keshphaltan View Post

    Just thinking about a change of scenery and logged on to the forum for some inspiration, only my holiday to Cyrene is now looking like it maybe an isolated one...

    Is anybody out there??


    P.S. if anyone wants a ride over, let me know!
    I've been popping globals and listing weapons finds on Cyrene forum ... r u sleeping? as a lvl aser sniper/hit -dmg i do NOT expect hofs and such - globals r fine by me atm - one day i grow up and be an uber hunter 5k ped a shot = hof - imo
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