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    Sep 16 2013

    hi :)

    Rule # 1 NEVER carry loot into space!! now - figure 1.50 ped = planet to planet -the *gas gauge is on ur left in the quad* check ur spcae thruster before trying to leave/enter a planet -around 10pec a go up or down to planet .. no gauge for that sry - *ITEM* >> DETAILS click the first button on ur left - tells ur fuel value(TT value of oil) - 1 ped oil get u nowhere in space -also at the bottom of ur ships details r ur attachment details - space thruster and weapons -u can see thier tt value as well -at .10pec its no good for a space thruster - land vehicles- on my *caly car* - its on the left as well ... valkyrie - i hope this helps -my slepy gauge is somewhere- havent run out of fuel in it yet to find it ..unlike my quad in space . when that gauge hits reds- u almost screwed :P

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    May 13 2011
    It's a question about different kind of resources, or more exactly limit
    the amount that is used.
    There are a LOT of features that could be implemented based on real time
    info, e.g fuelvalue, but those are not ingame due to this, sadly.

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    Sep 29 2013
    How's about we get more important bugs fixed before worrying about implementing more things, mmk?

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