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    Jun 15 2014

    4 different machines, same issue

    Since my return (about a month ago) I just cannot get this game to run. I've tried 4 different machines (2 of which have never had EU installed, I know for a fact because I built them myself) and I have the same issue every time.

    Fresh install runs just fine for hours, even days. Then the first time I close the client out, it crashes, and never works again. It's accompanied by a "You don't have enough RAM to continue this operation." message the first time.

    First machine had 4GB ram installed on 32-bit OS. So, it only uses ~3GB. That's okay, minimum specs say 1GB. So yeah, maybe Windows uses 2-3GB, but, that doesn't explain why I can run the game fine for hours and hours, then it's almost like a flag gets set somewhere that says "There's not enough RAM, don't even try to let the client load, crash it every time."

    Second machine, same thing. 64-bit OS with 6GB RAM. Game runs for a 6 hour session, then never runs again.

    Third machine, this time 64-bit OS with 4GB RAM. Sure, it's a bit low, but this is the first machine to have a dedicated graphics card. Game runs flawlessly for ~4 hours, then never starts again.

    Fourth machine. 32-bit OS with 3GB RAM. Too low to even try right? I slap the same graphics card as above in this machine (it's brand new, minus the 4 hour session above) and what do you know? Game runs smooth as can be for almost 10 hours! Sign out for the night, and the next day "Entropia did not shut down properly." and crashes every time I load the client.

    It almost feels like there is some sort of trailing zero or open line of code that I keep running into. Maybe it's my Windows install disc? (I have a Win7 master boot disk with every version of Win7 in existence)

    Thing is, last year I played Entropia daily on a laptop with 3GB RAM, 64-bit OS, and on board graphic chipset. Hours daily. I pulled that laptop out, updated my client, and it won't even open the game.

    Either something is wrong with the electric current in my house, which is frying every motherboard/power supply I use, or there's something connected to my avatar that is frying the game client. I'm at a complete loss here, and I'm tired of tossing hundreds of dollars down the drain to not be able to play...

    Any suggestions?

    This issue did not start until I went to Cyrene.

    3 configurations used the same hard-drive, formatted each time. I am about to test a brand new hard-drive tonight. I'll post when I have results.

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    Aug 09 2011
    Are you using genuine versions of windows?

    Have you set your country info at This was preventing some people from playing recently.

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    Jun 15 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Stockton View Post
    Are you using genuine versions of windows?

    Have you set your country info at This was preventing some people from playing recently.
    Windows is genuine. I have legitimate keys for each version.

    I have not set country info, I will do that next.

    Some forum digging showed that the 32-bit client is just full of holes. Turns out the 64-bit machine I thought I was using had a Win Vista 32-bit OS installed. Last night I did a fresh format and install of Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. 64-bit graphic driver, and 64-bit game client. It ran well for a couple hours, will report back if I have any future issues.

    32-bit OS and 32-bit game client just don't work.

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    Nov 02 2010
    Constant state of flux!!
    For 32 bit OS systems you need to add the following line in cmd.
    bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

    Youtube of the fix. [ame][/ame]

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