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Hello Entropia citizens. Myself and a number of good friends are in the process of launching a Secure public Teamspeak 3 for everyone in Entropia to use and enjoy. Currently there are a number of Calypso and Arkadia chat and team rooms up and ready for use as of now! Other planets, moons, sub worlds etc have a single room for each until I finish broadening the room structure.

This Teamspeak 3 is free for anyone to use, as we expand and improve I will increase the number of people allowed to use, For now 75 seems like plenty. Donations will be accepted through a secure link in the Channel named "Thule" this is a not to a PayPal this is to a Teamspeak only use account via my hosting company. All funds will go towards improving max user count, and extending contract period. As I have funded this project solely on my own for the time being, donations are greatly appriecated!

Bring yourself, your friends, and your soc mates over! Also please leave any feedback here or message me anytime.

Side notes:
IP addresses are hidden

Guests have full access to all user channels but limited powers otherwise. To become a permanent member I will assign you a tag as time allows, Please message me in Teamspeak or here with your user name if I am not online. is in no way shape or form associated with Entropia Universe. Entropia Universe™ is a registered trademark of MindArk PE AB®