I am writting this here letter because as some of you may have noticed, I am hailed down by some of the users on this here forum.
No matter though cause I can already say that many of these individuals are not even human, they are infact extra terrestrials attempting to sabotage everything that I do, both ingame and on this here forum, I am usually drilled in a manner that others find it easier to judge or even condem me, I should take my medicin etc...
It is very easy to mistake these tidious individuals for human beings, however the sabotage is to exatuated and in many cases I am hailed down, they like to use rocks for this, and the more you individuals throw, the more people will turn suspesious, simply this kind of badmouthing isn't natural when all I ever do is to state facts in this here forum.

Thats all for now, see it does matter when you put things under the lens of reality. See they want to attack my person at the same time calling me paranoid and to little medicated, I think it is time for you badmouthes to wake up and smell what the hell it is that you are shoveling, cause now the bell is ringing.

The NN.